Waiting on the Turning Point

Oct 2, 2018 | Published | 0 comments

Stories surround us. The more books, television shows, or movies we consume, the more often we can predict the ending. We know the story builds until the ultimate conflict, which offers a turning point. Scrooge sees his tight-fisted “bah humbugs” for what they are; Mr. Darcy is rejected and forced to look on his pride; the Beast realizes the girl might actually be capable of loving him. The characters see their faults, change ensues, and the credits roll.

Unfortunately, because we are so familiar with this narrative, we often find ourselves waiting in anticipation for its appearance in our own lives.

Whether it’s our own sinful struggles or for people around us, we can get caught up searching for that one magic moment where the tide will turn.

Perhaps this book will finally remove my desire for approval.

This is the blog post that will make my spouse enjoy his job now.

Surely this conversation will be the game-changer in her struggle.

We often cling to a false hope in these turning points and experience disappointment when they don’t deliver the complete reversal we anticipated.


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