Though I Walk in Stubbornness

Aug 10, 2020Published0 comments

My youngest child always had a knack for falling. Though my husband and I warned him time and time again squatting on the edge of a chair wasn’t wise, it never sunk in. With his toes perched perilously near the precipice, he foolishly believed he was safe, only to wind up on the floor yet again.

If you’ve been around a toddler for any length of time, you understand the seemingly fruitless effort of trying to maintain boundaries and keep them from harm.

“Why did you think that was a good idea?” I’ve uttered that phrase often during the last eight years of raising children.

Though it’s easy to bemoan the dissonance of a child who boldly neglects the wisdom of his parents, I am often no different. How often do I sidle up to the lion who could eat me for lunch (1 Pet. 5:8)?

Unfortunately, we are often tempted to believe safety exists in the presence of sin.


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