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When was the last time you remembered your baptism or pointed it out to a friend? It’s a question I read Tim Chester ask once, and it was one of the catalysts for our pieces at The Sheep Fold Co.

If we’re honest, we probably don’t often think of our baptism as something we should continue to remember. Yet our physical baptism is a beautiful gift from our Lord to his forgetful people.

John Calvin writes that “our faith is slender and weak, so if it be not propped up on every side, and supported…it is forthwith shaken and tossed to and fro.” And we need propping up, don’t we? Like the Israelites from long ago, we quickly forget what the Lord has done, and what he has promised through his Son. In his graciousness, God has provided the means to establish our faith by giving us physical signs of the spiritual reality that has taken place in his children.

This is why New Testament writers continued to point believers back to remember what God had done. They were washed by Christ. They were regenerated by the Holy Spirit. Through their union with Christ they passed through the waters, being buried with Christ, so that they could be raised with him to new life. 

We too, need the same reminders.

One way we wanted to remind ourselves is by creating these pieces for our own home, and we’d love to share them with you as well! 

“[The sacrament] does not so much confirm his word as establish us in the faith of it.” 

-John Calvin

“But you were washed,you were sanctified,you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”  1 Corinthians 6:11

Thanks for checking out The Sheep Fold Co. My name is Brianna, and this is my husband David. We’ve been married for twelve years now and have been grateful to parent three amazing kids. David is an electrical engineer, and I homeschool our kids and write on my blog and various other websites in my spare time.  

We started working together on some pieces that weld my husband’s love of woodworking along with my love of encouraging others to remember what is true, good, and beautiful. We hope our products cause you to turn your eyes up to the extravagant grace of the Lord. 

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