The Cherry Bed

Apr 2, 2020Daily Faith, Marriage1 comment


The sweet scent of wood shavings filled the shop
while rough timbers planed smooth into boards.
Cut, Glue, Nail, Repeat.
Two eager kids dreaming of no more goodbyes.
84 days and counting until forever. 



Perhaps we made it too small.
Too many noises pass between the timbers.
Scratch, Snore, Sneeze, Repeat.
Soon two become more- three, four, plus another.
Tangles of ankles, elbows, and jabs always lose out to giggles. 



When did this bed get so big? The void deepens between our backs.
These grains have heard it all
Accuse, Cry, Forgive, Repeat.
Angry sighs mix with “Do you reallys?” and “Will she evers?”
The distance widens, but never too far to reach across.


The timbers sit in the center of our lives
New beginnings circle round long enough to become old friends
Fear, Pray, Trust, Repeat.
It’s held our words, our laundry, and our ice cream
A living history of countless nothings becoming- something.



We made it out of cherry- a wood that darkens with age.
Fitting for those two kids in the wood shop.
Wake, Live, Sleep, Repeat.
Years later the significance of our choice is clear-
For each day we climb out of it, we too, run a little deeper.


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