Restless for Rest

Apr 23, 2020 | Published | 0 comments

I often find myself exhausted. I feel the weight of sin around me in this world with every scroll through my phone or from the evening news. Some days, the effects of the fall feel like the air I breathe. I’m reminded of the ongoing battle in my own mind as I watch my sorry attempts to control my circumstances crumble around me once again. The Scriptures tell me I’m in exile and a wanderer heading toward a future home of glory (1 Pet. 2:11-12Phil. 3:20), but I’ve sometimes borne the title with resignation. Quite frankly, I tire of being homeless. Can I just find rest right now?

We are often accustomed to identifying ourselves with the Israelites, wandering in the desert, but we can forget that we are still a people made for rest. The Israelites did not wander aimlessly, they marched and moved across the desert with a destination in mind— the Promised Land.

Throughout the Bible, this idea of land is closely intertwined with rest. To the culture of the time, land meant everything. It meant something to call their own. It meant protection, provision, and a place to raise their family. It meant essentially—a place of rest…

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