Sowing each day

by grace alone 

We are all waiting for a harvest.

We long to see God’s good fruit bear throughout our world, our relationships, and our own sinful hearts. But God is always patiently working. I write words in order to remind myself of the glorious truths of who our God is, what he has done, and what he has promised us even while we wait. 

Take some time to think on the ways the Lord has already been growing a harvest by downloading my free set of readings on Remembering Our Memorials.


Soak in the Sun

Soak in the Sun

Last week our family camped at a nearby state park to drink in the final dregs of summer. We returned to find the warmth had gone the way of the corn stalks surrounding our home. The chill of fall had come to stay. Now my body shivers as I grab my puppy’s leash to take him outside. Each time I reluctantly walk him out, I tiptoe past the shadow cast by my house towards the strip of light illuminating the grass farther out. I just need to feel the sunshine.

While my feet perch in the frosted grass, my brain refocuses and concentrates on the rays I feel against my body. I feel its shine penetrating the back of my neck, slowly soaking into me. I feel it heat the fabric on my shirt, and imagine it enveloping my frame. Though the temperature around me doesn’t change, I can feel the warmth filling me.

This is a routine I’ve perfected through the years. My husband will readily admit I don’t like to be cold. During early morning hikes, colder-than-normal boating trips, and those few winters we took to the beach, I would try my best to soak in the rays of the sun when I could find them. And it would help. In the midst of my discomfort, I’d lean towards the rays, focusing on the sliver of heat to hold on to.

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My Favorite Almost-Deconstruction from 1847

My Favorite Almost-Deconstruction from 1847

Why do I hope in Christ? The question presses on me even more these days.  I log onto social media and find another Christian singer, podcaster, or friend deconstructing from Christianity. Real stories of abuse or poor teaching often permeate their stories that led...

Planting Trees

Planting Trees

Our shovels thumped into the compacted dirt below us. My husband and I took turns as our tools danced their part. Scoop. Dump. Repeat. With six trees left to plant, we raced against the fading sun, and more importantly the mosquitos buzzing around our necks. We...

The Grillkens: A Fairy Tale

The Grillkens: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a grand kingdom. Its walls reached up and out to the vast countryside. The inhabitants of its villages soaked in the warmth of the sun that lit every stone around them. Their king was good, and his loyal subjects couldn’t...

My name is Brianna Lambert. I’m a wife, mom to three sweet kids, and a writer. I write for fun, I write in order to worship, and most of all I write with the hope that a sentence or a phrase might cause you to glory a little more in the Lord who made and redeemed us. Click here to find out more about me and how this blog came to be.

We can rejoice that the God who provided means for our justification is just as invested in providing for our needs of sanctification. We live by his grace alone.

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