Sowing each day

by grace alone 

We are all waiting for a harvest.

We long to see God’s good fruit bear throughout our world, our relationships, and our own sinful hearts. But God is always patiently working. I write words in order to remind myself of the glorious truths of who our God is, what he has done, and what he has promised us even while we wait. 

Take some time to think on the ways the Lord has already been growing a harvest by downloading my free set of readings on Remembering Our Memorials.


Whose Day Is It?

Whose Day Is It?

Buzzing rings by the bedside as you chaotically swing your arm and search for the snooze. It’s a new day. What goes through your head? Maybe your to-do list that sits in your planner. Maybe the schedule of school, practices, or meetings fill up your mind as you plan your day. Even if you’re not the type who loves check-lists, it won’t take long before an informal list of tasks amasses in your brain of how you expect to spend your day. But it is only your day?

It’s far too easy for our focus each morning to fall and stay upon ourselves. In fact, it sneaks in between a whole lot of unselfish actions. After all, our to-do lists are mostly full of tasks we will do for others. Laundry to clean and fold that isn’t ours. Food to make for others. Bills to pay, toys to pick up, meetings to attend—all for the good of others. These tasks consume our small days, but they tend to keep the focus on our own little world. They are important, yet if we’re not careful we’ll miss out on something even more important in the midst of our small days.

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Building 5255

Building 5255

The building towered above me. Squares of glass stretched up and out to either side, broken only by the large symbols that gave it its name: 5255. An unfeeling name for a place that holds a trove of emotions.  I’d been here before. As I circled the crowded parking lot...

Novels on the New Earth

Novels on the New Earth

I love a good story. I love how it envelops me in the plot or carefully peels back each layer of a character. I love following the strings that tie up family members through generations as the author weaves the tale. I’ve grown to appreciate classic literature from...

Baking Cookies While the World Burns

Baking Cookies While the World Burns

It feels like the world is spinning out of control lately, doesn't it? Each day, news websites detail the destruction of people and buildings in the country of Ukraine. I read about families torn apart, fleeing refugees, and besieged cities while I pour my bowl of...

My name is Brianna Lambert. I’m a wife, mom to three sweet kids, and a writer. I write for fun, I write in order to worship, and most of all I write with the hope that a sentence or a phrase might cause you to glory a little more in the Lord who made and redeemed us. Click here to find out more about me and how this blog came to be.

We can rejoice that the God who provided means for our justification is just as invested in providing for our needs of sanctification. We live by his grace alone.

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