Sowing each day

by grace alone 

We are all waiting for a harvest.

We long to see God’s good fruit bear throughout our world, our relationships, and our own sinful hearts. But God is always patiently working. I write words in order to remind myself of the glorious truths of who our God is, what he has done, and what he has promised us even while we wait. 

Take some time to think on the ways the Lord has already been growing a harvest by downloading my free set of readings on Remembering Our Memorials.


The Grillkens: A Fairy Tale

The Grillkens: A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a grand kingdom. Its walls reached up and out to the vast countryside. The inhabitants of its villages soaked in the warmth of the sun that lit every stone around them. Their king was good, and his loyal subjects couldn’t stroll the streets without greeting another with, “Long live the king.”

Yes, long live the king. Live he did, and his rule increased. But reader, there was something sinister creeping nearby this kingdom, as it usually does. You see, the light that fell upon the stones of the king’s land did not continue far past the city walls. Instead it was swallowed up into a thick fog of black. For in the background of the majestic kingdom stood a solemn old forest. If it was only empty, that might have been bearable. But instead, it was very much filled. Haunting its grounds were the dreaded grillkens.

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Fun with Haikus

Fun with Haikus

We're on Spring Break over here this week so I thought I'd have a little fun on the blog. My daughter recently learned about haikus, so I tried my hand at it. Maybe one of these will make you smile. Feel free to share your own additions. It's surprisingly quite fun....

And on the Eighth Day of Creation…

And on the Eighth Day of Creation…

The beginning of Easter week is only a few days away. But as we get our Resurrection eggs ready and fill our fridges with crescent roll tubes to make empty tombs, perhaps you might prepare for Holy Week by thinking about another famous week. This week occurred long...

Ten Year Anniversary Backpacking Trip

Ten Year Anniversary Backpacking Trip

Here's a bit of a personal update. Last August, in the midst of a crazy year, my husband and I were amazingly able to keep our ten year anniversary trip to go backpacking (it's a pretty distanced activity already!). However due to wildfires and smoke our original plan...

My name is Brianna Lambert. I’m a wife, mom to three sweet kids, and a writer. I write for fun, I write in order to worship, and most of all I write with the hope that a sentence or a phrase might cause you to glory a little more in the Lord who made and redeemed us. Click here to find out more about me and how this blog came to be.

We can rejoice that the God who provided means for our justification is just as invested in providing for our needs of sanctification. We live by his grace alone.

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