Laughing at Lions

Feb 24, 2020Published0 comments

Last summer our family visited the Columbus Zoo. With our double-stroller packed high, we trekked through each region of the almost 600-acre facility. When we made it into the Heart of Africa, we stood by the glass pane as lionesses sprawled mere inches from our faces. My children rushed forward to touch the glass next to the magnificent creatures.

As I watched my children that day, I couldn’t help but marvel at how strange the picture before me was. My children have never known the lion that hunts and destroys. They don’t understand that the funny animal behind the glass has sent villagers fleeing from their homes. They giggle at the paw spread out on the windowpane, not comprehending this same claw could rip them apart.

The Bible tells us Satan is like a roaring lion. He is looking to devour. Yet I wonder if we are like children, giggling in the face of the beast, complacent to the sin he uses to destroy? We crouch closer, laughing at his antics, far too comfortable with the glass before our fingers, as sin slowly and almost imperceptibly creeps its way in and deceives us…


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