God’s Hand in the Internet Age

Jan 23, 2018 | Published | 0 comments

Every day we scroll through our news feeds – liking, tagging, sharing, and retweeting. We’ve been thrust into a world of information available right at our fingertips, telling us what to read and what to think. It is easy to wonder, amidst the hundredth article, if any of this matters. So much of the good we see on the internet often gets drowned out by the negatives that creep in. Should we just delete our apps and view technology as unnecessary vehicles for distraction, comparison, and fruitless twitter fights?

Colossians 1:17 tells us that “in him all things hold together,” a truth that is no less true today in our culture as it was before the internet became a household standard. As we work to navigate the temptations the internet brings, we also need to remind ourselves that God has sovereign control over this new technology, and he is working in some distinct and beautiful ways.

1. God is using these words for our instruction

One of the most obvious ways we see God working through all of the readily available information is in our own instruction. As I think back over all the resources that have helped shape me, I see how God used them to help me answer questions with wisdom, to teach me how to approach conflict with discernment, and to reveal my sinful blind spots….


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