God Rest My Soul: Finding Rest in Service to the Master

Nov 12, 2018Published0 comments

After a few minutes of scrolling through social media or flipping through the news, it’s easy to feel overcome by evil in our world. It attacks us on all fronts—politics, natural disasters, crime, injustice, disease—all the way down to our own sin-scarred relationships.

As we leave the safety of our slumber each morning, we’re jolted to the reality that sin is not only present and  working to make us weary but is entirely against us.

In moments like these, Psalm 123 is a welcome reminder to our tired hearts. When faced with difficulty, these four short verses reminded the Israelites of their true hope and shifted their eyes to the Lord, their Master.We may not be on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, as these Israelites were, but the reminder that we are not our own is one we can find great hope in singing each day.


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