Fun with Haikus

Apr 7, 2021Daily Faith, Humor0 comments

We’re on Spring Break over here this week so I thought I’d have a little fun on the blog. My daughter recently learned about haikus, so I tried my hand at it. Maybe one of these will make you smile. Feel free to share your own additions. It’s surprisingly quite fun. 🙂 

(And if you’re wondering- that is a Rose-breasted Grosbeak in the picture, and yes, we are all very excited when he comes to our feeder.) 

Between Lego piles
I sat for hours sorting blocks.
What was I thinking? 

Mister YouTube man,
No matter how much you ask
I won’t smash the like. 

The mountain towers.
Majestic sides spread out far.
I don’t want to fold. 

An awful sorrow:
When morning dawns you find out
you didn’t push start. 

 (That one is titled: The Dishwasher

There is great joy had
when the kindle percentage
forgets the endnotes. 

Of this I am sure:
The new earth will be full of
always-fresh baked bread 

If you come visit
we might point outside and yell
bird names randomly. 

I’m so glad you like
the puppet with your lesson,
but mom’s voice is tired

Three sweet kids live here.
It’s easy to tell because
we have countless rocks. 

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