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It’s hard to feel helpless. As news swirls around us each day updating us with the latest restrictions or guidelines, perhaps we all might feel that way. After all- isn’t one of our main tasks right now- to stay put? As a doer who loves to go and go, the directive feels especially binding.

There are still many ways we can and should actively encourage our family in Christ and neighbors in the world- through texts, phone calls, delivering groceries, medicine, or meals, etc.. Yet for the large part, as the whole world stops in an unprecedented way- we find ourselves left with only our prayers.

Only prayers? Perhaps you’ve heard yourself say those words too.

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Ordinary Work: Lessons from a Well-Dressed Man

His bowtie was perfectly situated. Half of my classmates in the lecture hall wanted to laugh, the other half thought it was cool. All of us were nervous. The class was known for its difficulty, due for the most part to the well-dressed man standing before us. For the next seventy minutes, I joined my classmates with silent groans as we looked at the grading rubric that would be our standard for the next sixteen weeks. My pride beckoned me rise to the challenge the man in the bowtie dared me to accept. Yet as the weeks unfolded, I found that Professor Boyd had much more to teach me that semester than Perspectives on Communication.
For the following weeks we learned about concepts like dialogue, rhetoric, and ethnographic studies. Through our lectures and yes- even bowtie-tying demonstrations- we were taught the material, not only with the goal of good grades, but for the purpose of knowledge. Though I struggled at times, I couldn’t help but come to class wanting to learn. Woven into each lecture, my professor shared not just a textbook, but he shared his passions with us. He sought to change us. Not long into the class I soon discovered another of my professor’s passions.

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Welcome! My name is Brianna Lambert. I love to write in order to put words to the truths God is teaching me in my study and throughout life. Here you can find links to my published articles and some of my own blogs coupled with my husband's photography. Thanks for stopping by!


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