Searching for Lost Toys and the Lessons of Faithfulness

Feb 10, 2017Daily Faith, Parenting0 comments

There is a quote hanging in our hallway by my kids’ rooms that I look at each day. It comes from one of my favorite childhood series, Anne of Green Gables.

It says,  “All things great are wound up in all things little.” It’s a phrase I often repeat to myself as I pass the hanging picture with another load of laundry, or the third trip to search for a missing cup. It’s something I have found myself thinking even more about in the past few weeks.

There is a lot of heartbreak consuming our world these days. Of course, there always  has been, but as news stories continually to remind us about an unprecedented millions of people having to flee their homes as refugees, or the slaughter of thousands in the midst of a civil war, or hundreds of children being rescued from trafficking- I find myself growing overwhelmed at the enormity of it all.

How could I help? What could our family do? My heart breaks for so many things in our country and world- so many people who are forgotten, who need to know and feel the Lord’s goodness. But, can I confess something? In the midst of looking at all the big, I sometimes start to look at the little around me, and I start to see it as inconsequential. The routine washing of clothes, searching for lost trains, and endless preparing and cleaning of meals starts to feel incredibly menial. At my worst, being home bound with sick kids seems almost an obstacle to greater tasks I could be doing.

In the midst of looking at all the big, I sometimes start to look at the little around me, and I start to see it as inconsequential.

That’s when I was reminded of Jesus’ words in Luke 16:10-“One who is faithful in little is also faithful in much.”  I was reminded of Abel, who faithfully offered true sacrifices to God from his heart, and was commended as righteous.  I was reminded of the faithfulness of Sarah who followed her husband, and faithfully taught her children of the Lord their God, despite her own shortcomings in trusting Him. I was reminded of the actions of a young Moabite woman, Ruth, who chose to love and obey her mother-in-law- whose story turned into a beautiful picture of God’s saving love to those those who are suffering. I was reminded of the many people in my own life, who were faithful to God as they parented me,  taught me, coached me, encouraged me, or modeled to me in just a small way what the gospel looks like lived out. 

So while I indeed pray deeply for these big things going on around me, and I search for tangible ways to help – I want to be careful to not view the task God has given me as something not good enough. Faithfulness even in these days where everything seems so small is still of great importance. This importance is not hinging on the fact that maybe my kids will grow up and be better than me. It’s not hinging on the fact that I am something special and doing it awesome. No- it’s hinging on the fact that God is faithful- to use the tiny bit I give of these little days and use it in His own mighty way. It’s because as 1 Corinthians 10:31 tells us, we can  do everything for the glory of God.  It’s because in each day that I faithfully wipe those faces, change those diapers, or answer a question for the 12th time- or every day that we go to school, meet with that friend, take care of that parent, and complete our work on time –  we can model just the tiniest glimpse of the unending faithfulness of the God of the Universe to our children, to our neighbors, to our co-workers, or to whoever is in the small sphere of influence God has granted us.

Wound up in all of the big, is the every day little of it all. Will we choose to be faithful?


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