Sowing each day

by grace alone 

We are all waiting for a harvest.

We long to see God’s good fruit bear throughout our world, our relationships, and our own sinful hearts. But God is always patiently working. I write words in order to remind myself of the glorious truths of who our God is, what he has done, and what he has promised us even while we wait. 

Take some time to think on the ways the Lord has already been growing a harvest by downloading my free set of readings on Remembering Our Memorials.


I Can’t Raise My Ebenezer

I Can’t Raise My Ebenezer

Here I raise my Ebenezer, here by thy great help I’ve come.

The words slip out through my lips as the melody runs on, but my head is not so sure. Raise my Ebenezer? Impossible.

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Lessons from E.B. White

Lessons from E.B. White

Do you ever feel the pressure to craft perfect answers with your kids, a mentee, or a friend? I know I have often felt the tug of wondering if I've said enough. Our current climate of hashtags and tweets tells us we have to say it all right now, but I don't think...

A Pause for Prayer

A Pause for Prayer

I'm pausing today to pray for my brother in Christ, Tim, his wife Aileen, and their whole family. May Christ comfort and hold you and all those who are suffering. Preserve me, O God, for in you I take refuge. I say to the Lord, “You are my Lord;   I have no good apart...

Pushing Past the ‘OK Plateau’

Pushing Past the ‘OK Plateau’

My heart pounded as my fingers guided the cursor to the link on the screen. This was it—edits for my first published piece. I’m sure there are things to fix, but I bet she loved that intro, I thought to myself. I wonder if she’ll tell me how great my examples were! As...

My name is Brianna Lambert. I’m a wife, mom to three sweet kids, and a writer. I write for fun, I write in order to worship, and most of all I write with the hope that a sentence or a phrase might cause you to glory a little more in the Lord who made and redeemed us. Click here to find out more about me and how this blog came to be.

We can rejoice that the God who provided means for our justification is just as invested in providing for our needs of sanctification. We live by his grace alone.

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